Monday, August 10, 2009

Hacking Sun Tea

No, this doesn’t qualify as “brewing” under the traditional sense of this blog – no fermentation involved here – but I thought I would pass along this accidental discovery. hacked_sun_tea I love sun tea, but I hate the huge gallon-sized container sitting in my frig, because it’s hard to handle and by the time I get to the end of the jug the tea is stale.  There is an alternative – use quart or pint-sized Mason jars for the brewing.  Discovered this quite by accident – wanted to do sun tea, but didn’t have the appropriate pitcher on hand, but did have Mason jars.  Hmm, big improvement.  The jars take up less space in your frig, already have a a good resealable lid (so they’re car friendly), and with the smaller size you can doctor each container to suit personal preferences.  When you’re done “brewing”, go ahead and sweeten/add lemon while they’re still warm, then stash in the frig – no more trying to get sugar to dissolve in cold tea.  If you like, mark the outside with a Sharpie to show adjuncts.  Grab and go!  Try it – you’ll never go back to that unwieldy gallon jug.